I’m 19!!! I am getting old!!!!

Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been another good week, and not nearly as hot as it has
been, which was really nice.

The highlight of this week was probably the Family Home Evening that
we did on Thursday(my birthday:)).  We invited Alejandro, our golden
investigator and his son Rodrigo and they both came which was amazing.
Rodrigo didn’t want to come but he ended up loving it!  It was really
cool, and we really gained the confidence of him.  Alejandro loved it
too.  And everybody loved my Peanut Butter cookies, even if they were
a bit overcooked:) I’m talking everybody loved them.  There were 10
people there and I brought 35 cookies (I kept some for myself:)) and I
left the room for 10 minutes to play the piano with Rodrigo and when I
got back there were 3!  And everyone thought I was some cooking
genius:)  Unfortunately, Alejandro’s baptisimal date fell because he
didn’t come to church on Sunday.  We don’t know why, we had talked to
him several times about coming, the night before included and he said
he was planning on coming, he had even arranged his work schedule so
he could come, but when the hour arrived he wasn’t there and we
couldn’t get ahold of him.  That really blew, and made church kind of
depressing because we were so excited to see him there.  We’re going
to visit him tonight though to see what happened.  Hopefully
everything is okay.  Definitely a let down at church though.

So I got a package this week and inside was a lot of music that I
didn’t know we could listen to when I came, one of which was a CD of
Frozen. And let’s just say my comp is obsessed.  I woke up one morning
at 6 to him blasting and belting “Let it Go!”  It was kinda funny
especially because he will never admit that he loves it to any other
Latino elder because all the latino elders don’t like Frozen, to them
it’s a girl or childrens movie.  But he literally had me write down
the lyrics for “Let it Go” so he could sing along:) (He hides it
whenever anyone is in our pension:))

One more thing, shout out to Erik “E-rokk” Clemens, who just got his
mission call to Virginia Richmond Spanish speaking!  Congrats!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

Preachin’ the gospel at the end of the world at the End of the World:)  #ArgCMRV

2015-2-19 Birthday Tie

This was Trenton’s birthday tie.

2015-2-19 Making Birthday Cookies 2015-2-19 Cookies

2015-2-19 Yummy Cookies

Trenton loves peanut butter cookies, so instead sending him a cake mix, we sent him some packages of the peanut butter cookie mix. He loved it and so did everyone else. He added his valentine MMs on top.


6 Months!!!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends!

I can’t believe six months have passed already!  It’s crazy!  This
week has been super good!

Our new investigator, Alejandro (who told us that he was waiting for
us when we knocked on his door)  is progressing really well!  In our
second appointment with him, he was like, I read 3 Nephi 11 and it was
so good!  I loved it and found so much peace while I was reading it!
Can you guys give me a chapter on baptism, I want to learn more about
that!  Why yes, of course we can, which one do you want?  We ended up
giving him 2 Nephi 31, and he read that with his son and was
explaining it to him!  In our third appointment he was like “I want to
feel that this book is true, how can I get to that point?”  That where
I had a really cool experience, because before we had even started
talking about the Book of Mormon, I kept on getting the feeling that
he’s not praying, so I asked him about it.  He was like “Wait, I can
pray for that too?!”  We were like “Yes!”  and he was like, all right,
I’m definitely going to do that!  It was so cool!  Then we were
talking about church and that if he wanted to be baptized then he
needed to attend, and he was like, “well, I have work every Sunday
morning, but I’ll talk to my coworker to get switched to the afternoon
shift so I can attend!”  We put the date March 7 with him, but he
normally would need three attendances but I talked it down to two with
the President for him!  It was so cool!  I love seeing how he has been
prepared!  The Lord has his hand in the work

We also went up to Sierra Grande for a baptism this last week and
those are always fun to go to.  We also did divisions and Elder
Fredrickson and I went out contacting and the first door we knocked on
invited us in and we taught the Plan of Salvation!  it was so cool,
that person had been prepared, unfortunately they were leaving for
Buenos Aires that day and not coming back until May!

So this morning we were taking pictures on the beach and we saw the
Hermanas running, and now my comp wants to go running in the
mornings.:)  Interesting:)  I’ll take full advantage though:)

I love you all, I hope you all have a fantastic week!:)

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-2-13 6 month Selfie

6 month Selfie

2015-2-13 Rosie the Riveter in Sierra Grande

So Trenton saw this in Sierra Grande and just started laughing, Good old Rosie!

2015-2-16 Trenton, E. Murua, E. Fredrickson, E. Figuroa 2015-2-16 Grapes from some Recent Converts

They really like the grapes the recent converts gave them!

2015-2-17 Meat Shop named Gringo 2015-2-17 Gringos

Trenton loved this Gringo meat shop!

2015-2-17 Our District Trenton, E. Figuroa, E. Fredrickson, E. Murua, Hermana Zanutini, and H. Ming 2015-2-17  Abbey Road

His district! The elders trying to do the Abbey Road cover for the Beatles.

2015-2-17 2015-2-17 Sunrise on the Beach

Beautiful sunrise on the beach!

What a week!

Family and Friends!

This has been a really good week, with two really big highlights!

The first was on Friday.  We went down to Trelew to have a conference
with Elder Viñas of the Seventy.  He talked about the Atonement and
helping recent converts progress in the Church.  The best part though
was that I got to play the piano.  And they have a really nice upright
too, with beautiful sound!  And tuned!  I played opening and closing
and accompanied two musical numbers, one of which was the EFY medley
of Army of Helaman/Sisters in Zion!  It was so cool, and it sounded
super good!  It was so fun playing too!  The conference was super
spiritual as well, about the Atonement!

Then we had a miracle yesterday!  We were knocking doors and decided
to visit a reference named Alejandro.  We went and knocked on his door
and he opened it, saw us, got really excited, and said, “Come in, Come
in!  I’ve been waiting for you guys!”  What!?  That never happens,
ever!!!!! It was super cool!  So we went in, and he explained how he
wanted his son to be baptized.  His son didn’t seem terribly
interested but he was.  We taught part of both lesson 1 and 2 because
of his questions and he agreed to a baptizimal date on March 7!  It
was so cool!  The Spirit was super strong in the lesson.  His in-laws
are members, and although his wife passed away, he still spends a lot
of time with them which is super good!  It’s a testimony to me that
when you are patient, the Lord will bless you, because he wants his
children to receive the gospel.  Sometimes he just has to test the
resilience of those who are doing his work.

The work is real, God is real, and he wants souls to return to live
with him, and it is our job to help.  When we offer ourselves he will
help us do it!  I testify of it to all of you!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-2-3 Selfie 2015-2-6 Selfie with a Penquin

Gotta love Selfies. The Penguin one is for you mom!

2015-2-4 The lake in front of my pension 2015-2-3

The lake in front of my pension!

2015-2-2 These are called Alpargatas, they're really weird, but comfortble at the same time 2015-2-2 Alpargatas

These are called Alpargatas. They’re really weird but comfortable at the same time.

2015-2-2 Selfie with Pancho 2015-2-2 Giant Pancho

Giant Pancho!

2015-2-8 Dope Chess Set Cool Chess Set

6 More Weeks of Summer?

Dear Family and Friends,

So what did the groundhog say yesterday, do I have 6 more weeks of
summer down here in Madryn or how does that work on the opposite side
of the world?:)

How I wish that I could just go swimming.  Isn’t there a conference
talk about painting the name of Christ on your heart?  Does it work
the same with missionary nametags?:)  JK:)  It is hot here, and
because it is hot, EVERYBODY is at the beach. No joke. Contacting is a
nightmare.  I recommended contacting at the beach, but Elder Murua
frowned on that one. I guess it’s against the rules or something:)

Madryn is beautiful though, although I haven’t taken too many pictures
yet because the beautiful part is the part of my area we never go to
because there are no houses there, just stores.  I need to take some
more pictures though.

I want to kick myself in the butt though because we’ve seen two cruise
ships this week.  One is sitting in port right now so I got a picture
of it but there was one earlier this week that was literally twice as
big!  I’m talking I’m pretty sure you could fit my area in that cruise
ship!  It was so cool!  There’s supposed to be 4 more coming to Madryn
this month though, so hopefully there’s another big one!

There is a piano in my pension!  Really it’s a keyboard, which in some
ways is more fun!  This morning I was messing around waiting for Elder
Murua and found a String Brass Ensemble that sounded like it was made
for the song from Rocky.  So I turned up the keyboard all the way and
started playing Rocky!  My companion was in the shower and came out
super excited punching the air!  It was super funny!

Really cool, I was studying an old Liahona this week and found Bruce
R. McConkie’s talk “The Purifying Power of Gethsemane” and it was
super good.  I love what he said at the end.  “I am one of his
witnesses and in a coming day I shall feel the nail marks in His hands
and His feet and shall wet his feet with my tears.”  O, how I look
forward to that day.  I love my Savior so much, more and more every
day as I witness first hand his hand in this work.  It is amazing,
more that I ever could have dreamed possible. He lives, I testify to
you of that, and I am so proud for the opportunity to wear his name
every day for the whole world to see that I am a disciple of Christ.

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-1-27 I have a Keyboard 2015-2-2 Cruise Ship