Greetings From Puerto Madryn

Hey family and friends!

Greetings from Puerto Madryn!  I got transferred and had a 6 hour bus
ride this morning!  When I stepped off the bus I nearly died of heat!
I thought I was in a cold mission, but I guess only the the south.  I
had the curtain of my window open for a while, but it was like Utah
between Provo to Cedar City the whole way, so I closed it.:)

My new companion is Elder Murua and he seems super cool!  He was a
companion of Elder Tyler and Elder Tyler really liked him!  He loves
singing (evidently he does it all the time) and he is a professional
international soccer player for Argentina (evidently there are
different divisions, and he is like division B or something like
that)!  Super cool, hopefully he can save my seemingly helpless soccer
skills!  I’m super excited though!

Crazy experience contacting this week!  We were in Barrio Castelli
contacting and I felt something hitting my back and I was like what
the heck!  Elder Tyler yelled to me turn around and so I did and there
was a 30 foot dust devil behind me hitting me!  It was crazy!  Then it
headed straight for a house and dispersed when it got there!  I was
like, it’s a sign, so we went and contacted the house.  A guy came out
(one of the few of the day) and we started talking to him and he was
like, I don’t have time right now, but do you guys think you could
come by my house, I really want to learn more!  Unfortunately he
didn’t live in our area but we were able to pass the reference along!

We also found some golden investigators, using the Book of Mormon
card.  They weren’t able to go to church on Sunday but they wanted to
and we passed by their house and their daughter was super sad that she
missed it!  They all were!  It’s super cool!  I love seeing the Lord’s
hand in the work we are doing!

So I found a super cool scripture about running the other day. It’s in
1 Cor. 9:24  “Know ye not that they which run in the race run all, but
one receiveth the prize?  So run, that ye may obtain.”  I thought it
was way cool in English but it’s even better in Spanish, atleast the
last part! It says “Corred de tal manera que lo obtengais”  or
translated “Run in such a manner that you obtain it.”  I thought that
was way cool.  If you want to acheive anything, if you want to go
anywhere in life, or if you want to succeed in your mission, you have
to be willing to take the steps to acheive it, otherwise you never
will.  You can’t expect to run well without practice and you can’t
expect to go far in life if you aren’t willing to put forth the
effort.  I thought that was super cool.  It’s like my new favorite
scripture now:)

I love you guys!  Know God is at our side at all times helping us with
whatever we need to do, especially if it has something to do with His
work.  We’ve been promised our help if we are willing to go out there
and act!

¡Les quiero muchisimo!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1000897 P1000895

My old pension, I am going to miss this place!

P1000892 P1000931

Saying goodbye to Miguel was hard.  Saying goodbye to the City of Comodoro.


So here I am teaching to the Pope. This statue was in a grove of trees right by our pension but we just found it.

P1010036 P1010038

This was a river by Rawson I crossed on my 6 hour bus ride. Here I am with my new comp Elder Murua- we are ready to get to work!

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