Lesson Learned

Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been a fantastic week and I learned a very important
lesson about complacency. When I started in this area three transfers
ago, we had a good number of investigators, so Elder Flores and I
didn’t do a ton of contacting. We did it, but not as much as we could
have. Eventually, we lost some investigators and we needed to contact
and as soon as we did that our lessons started going up, we started
seeing more miracles and investigators and a baptism. A couple weeks
later Elder Tyler came, and because we had investigators, we didn’t do
as many contacts. Eventually, we started running out of investigators
so this last week, we went on a contacting frenzy and contacted nearly
a third of the area in a week. With that, we found 7 new investigators
and we taught more lessons that we usually do in one week. I’m going
to make sure that I continue contacting as much as a can the rest of
my mission because it has given us a lot of success in areas other
that contacting as well! It’s been fantastic!

We got a pretty cool new useful tool. It is a card witha picture of
the Book of Mormon on it with a scripture from the Bible and on the
other side the Questions of the Soul from Chapter 5 of Preach my
Gospel (I think, the blue chapter about the Book of Mormon) We try to
use it with every contact and if we can get people to look at the
card, they usually open up super fast! It’s amazing. We got 5 of our
new investigators using the Questions of the Soul card. They just open
up super fast when we can show them answers to their questions on the
doorsteps (most of them are about live after death). It’s so fantastic
though! It’s been a great week!

I also learned another lesson this week, this one about sleeping in
church.  So I play the piano during Sacrament meeting and go sit down
after the Sacrament is administered.  When I got to my seat, I was
super tired and was struggling understanding Spanish so I just crossed
my arms, bowed my head, and pretended like I was praying to take a
quick power nap before I had to go back up for the closing song.  Next
thing I know, the Bishop is announcing something and the saying, “Is
that all right Elder Behunin?”  I respond “yes” not knowing what I was
agreeing to and ask Elder Tyler “what am I doing?” and he was like
“rest hymn, number 41, two verses.”  So still half asleep I make my
way up to the piano and it’s “How Great thou Art” but I was so tired I
couldn’t remember how it went so I just started playing.  I figured it
out eventually but that was a struggle. Teaches me for napping during
Sacrament Meeting!:)

This week has been a great week, and this area a great area, but next
week are transfers!  I’m excited, disappointed, and nervous all at the
same time!  It’s going to be an adventure though!:)

I love you all, the church is true, and I’ve got to go!  You’re all
amazing, be an example to everyone around you and share the gospel!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-1-12 New Argentina Socer Jersey

This was one of Trenton’s Christmas Presents. He asked if he could buy a Argentina Soccer Jersey. He says he is really getting into soccer down there.

2015-1-19 Above Comodoro 2015-1-19 District Hike 2015-1-19 Elder TylerThese are from a hike the District took. 2015-1-15 Boied eggs on Pizza 2015-1-15 Making Pizza with District

Making Pizza as a district. Those are boiled eggs on top, Trenton says they put them on everything down here. Not that he is complaining he loves it!

2015-1-19 Nametag abovo Comodoro 2015-1-19 Nametag

2015-1-19 Lonely Mountain

Everything comes back to Lord of the Rings and Hobbit with Trenton. This is the Lonely Mountain.

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