I’d like to thank my orthodontist, and my mother for paying…

Querido familia y amigos,

This week has been a good week, it’s been nice to get back into the
groove of things after Christmas and New Years.  Those weeks were
weird and although they were a ton of fun it’s nice to be back in the
normal routine of work.  Makes life a whole lot less stressful.

Friday was an especially good day.  Our zone conference was really
good and really lifted my spirits actually.  Our zone leaders did a
“splash awards” for every missionary in the zone and although it was
something really small it actually really helped make my day.  I got
the “Best Smile Award” and honestly it left me smiling the rest of the
day knowing that my smile was actually noticed because before the
mission I hardly ever smiled because my teeth were so bad and just
really recently started to do so (it was one of the things that Elder
Flores always told me to do, every day) and it really made me feel
good that it’s been noticed.  Also that day, when we went out to work
Elder Tyler found his wallet that he lost on Tuesday. Literally some
guy walked up to us and was like, hey can you help me find this guy,
and Elder Tyler was like, that’s me!  I could hardly believe it!  It
was really cool though!

We also found a really huge bug, like 2 1/2 inches long!  And it
literally started chasing me! So I squished its butt with a rock and
put it in a bottle.  And it survived 4 hours until we got back to the
pension!  So, being good young adults, we set it on fire.  It was
pretty cool, but our landlady almost caught us.:)  She didn’t

Besides that, this week was just work, work, work.  And it felt so
good.  This church is true, I know it with all of my heart!  I hope
you all are doing fantastic and sharing the gospel.  There is really
nothing that compares to the joy of watching someone grow in the
gospel, atleast from what I’ve seen so far in my life.  It is
exciting, humbling, and joyous beyond what we can ever believe!

¡Les quiero muchisimo!

Elder Trenton Behunin


Trenton with his Best Smile Award

P1000744 P1000746

The Huge bug that chased Trenton down

P1000797 P1000799 P1000801

If you have not read the story of Poop River go back and read it. It is in the Feliz Navid letter.

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