BOM Reading Challenge 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

Happy New Year again!  Argentines party hard with the fireworks here!
So much that they’ve been banned in Trelew and will be banned next
year in Comodoro!  But it was super cool!  There were fireworks
everywhere!  Fourth of July, but in January!  It was pretty sick!
Makes me want to blow things up!:)

So President Rogers has given a challenge to all the missionaries in
the mission.  He wants us to read the entire Book of Mormon in our
native language starting on January 1 and ending April 6 (Christ’s
birthday).  He wants us to mark everything that talks about Jesus in
red and everything we can relate to our calling as a missionary in
blue.  It’s turning out super cool!  Plus, after I read, I’m going
back and hashtagging just to make it more interesting:)  It’s kinda

So I had to teach in my district meeting this last week.  I decided to
do Christlike Attributes and it turned out really well.  I connected
it to New Years Resolutions as well, and I’d like to leave you all
with the same challenge I left my district.  I asked them all to
choose a Christlike Attribute that they think that they could do
better in and set up a plan to do better this year.  Preach My Gospel
has a whole chapter on Christlike Attributes with some ideas on how to
improve on them.  PMG also has a really good self evaluation activity
at the end of that chapter to get an idea of where you can improve.  I
then closed with Alma 48:17, where in the previous verses it talked
about the attributes of Moroni and then if everybody was like Moroni
the very powers of hell would be shaken.  This is what will happen
when we develop more Christlike attributes in our lives, the devil
will have no hold upon our hearts.

The gospel is true!  We are here on this earth at this time for a
reason!  Find it!  Share the gospel with everyone!  You will recieve
power when you open your mouth!  If the Spirit can do it with my mouth
in a foreign tongue, he can definitely help you guys too!

¡Les quiero muchisimo!

Elder Trenton Behunin

Dear Family and Friends!

Christmas was fantastic!  They do fireworks like crazy here!  I would
send you the video, but it’s way too big to send over this
ridiculously slow Internet!  It was really cool though, and then we
got to sleep in until 8:30 the next day!  It was fantastic!

So the priesthood is real.  So we were playing American football the
other day and I totally got someones shoulder to my face (although we
were playing two hand touch).  My neck was hurting the rest of the
day, along with my head.  I went to bed that night and when I woke up
I was showing signs of a concussion.  My mind was super foggy and I
couldn’t speak Spanish hardly at all.  I rested that day and then got
a priesthood blessing that night before I went to bed.  When I woke up
all of the cloudiness was gone and I was able to speak Spanish again.
The tiredness and occasionally forgetting words was still there, but I
can deal with that, and now I feel almost 100% again!

Really cool district meeting this week.  Elder Tyler had us watch “El
es la Dadiva” and “Gracias a El”  (He is the Gift and Because of Him).
When we were watching “Gracias a El”  Elder Tyler had us all close our
eyes and think of every good memory we could think of.  When it
finished, he said that every good memory, every happy time we’ve ever
had is because of Him,  our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We don’t
have to worry, we don’t have to fear, because every fault we’ve ever
had Christ suffered for, and if we accept Him and his Atonement and
endure to the end, we can be happy because we know where we are going!
We can have that hope that even when times are hard there are good
things to come!  We can still be happy!  That was a fantastic lesson!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year, and
remember that we can be happy because Christ took our burdens upon
him!  I love you all!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1000637 P1000656

I love the Christmas Lights!

P1000659 P1000662

Presents from our Wonderful Landlord Gaby

P1000671 P1000673 P1000704 Merry Christmas

P1000715 P1000717

Happy New Year. It is crazy to me that I will spend all of 2015 in Argentina!

P1000728 P1000732

Trenton was pretty excited to pull the stump out with his bare hands.


The difference between Trenton’s 2 pair of shoes Those rocky dirt roads take their toll.

One thought on “BOM Reading Challenge 2015

  1. Love it! I’m in a slow-mode reading of the Book of Mormon. Lots of notes and cross-referencing. It will probably take me a year to read it, but hopefully I’ll be a little smarter.

    You look so good, Trenton.

    Love you tons!

    G’Ma Bea

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