¡Feliz Navidad!

Dear Family and Friends,

God works in mysterious ways.  So after the zone conference this
Thursday we went out to visit some people.  In order to get to part of
our area, we have to cross this pipe bridge (over a really gross
sewage river) or walk way around.  So we decided to cross the bridge
so we wouldn’t have to go way around and while we were going the wind
nearly blew us off, and blew Elder Tyler’s wallet out of his pocket
into the water.  We got it out with a stick, but it smelled really
bad.  We then went to visit some people and no one was there so we
decided to go back to the pension to get rid of Elder Tyler’s wallet
because it smelled so bad and then go to another part of the area.  So
on the way back, we got to the bridge and the wind was worse.  I was
like, I’m not crossing that, so I decided to go under because there is
a part where you can jump, but I didn’t jump far enough.  My foot
landed right into the river of poop.  Super gross.  So I then had to
go back to the pension, change my clothes, and shower (for an hour) to
get the smell off of me.  It took a while and when all was said and
done, we didn’t have time to go where we were planning on going, so we
just visited our neighbor investigator and had one of the most
spiritual lessons with her.  We put her on a 7 day program of OLA
(Pray, read, and attend church), and while she didn’t attend
yesterday, she has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and is
learning to love it, saying that she is finding answers in it to all
her problems.  Unfortunately, she is going out of town on the 26th for
the rest of the transfer.  She is progressing so much though, and she
doesn’t even realize it, even when we try to point it out for her.
She keeps telling us she’ll never be baptized, but I think that even
she knows that she’s getting really close:)  She just doesn’t want to
admit it.  We’ll have to keep giving her chapters to read in the Book
of Mormon when she’s on vacation.:)  We weren’t even planning on
visiting her that day, but I guess when God wants something done, he
sometimes has to put your foot in a river of poop.  Life lesson

We got our hot water back this week.  My first shower in it was like
Exaltation, no joke after 18 days of cold showers.  The water is
really cold down here at the end of the world.  Thus the face of pure
joy in that picture:)

Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas.  It has never been more
evident than right now, eating breathing, and living thinking of
nothing but Christ.  It’s super cool!

¡Feliz Navidad!

Elder Trenton Behunin

12-17-2014 Beach 2 12-17-2014 Trenton at Beach 12-17-2014 Beach

This is the beach at the bottom of the hill that his pension is on. Trenton loves it here.

12-16-2014 New Hot Water Heater 12-17-2014 Working the shoes right off my feet

Hot showers again! Working the shoes right off my feet!

One thought on “¡Feliz Navidad!

  1. Merry Christmas Trenton!!!! So glad you got to enjoy a hot shower!!!! We love and miss you. The Other, Other Behunin Family! Hahahaa
    Love ya Aunt Irene


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