Time flies when you’re working hard!

¡Querido familia y amigos!

This is my last week of training!  I can’t hardly believe that this
transfer is already gone!  It literally feels like yesterday that I
was saying goodbye to Elder Flores and hello to Elder Tyler, and now
this transfer is nearly over!

Super cool experience in church on Sunday!  So last transfer, I helped
Miguel, my convert, make a ordinance required for salvation and it was
a super cool experience!  So on Sunday during the Sacrament, I had my
eyes closed and I was praying and I heard the deacon walk up to me
with the Sacrament tray.  I look up and instead of it being a deacon,
it was Miguel, who received the priesthood two weeks before.  That
day, he helped me renew my covenants required for salvation! That was
one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had so far out here!  It
was amazing!  I love this gospel!

This week we also decided to go out contacting in service clothes and
try to do service because whenever we offer, people always use the
excuse that our clothes are too nice.  We didn’t get to do any
service, but we taught a lesson to a drunk guy that turned out to be a
really good lesson.:)

So another time we were contacting and we got into the house of a man
named Dario (I think that that was the first time I got into a house
while contacting).  We asked him to give the closing prayer and in it
he said “God, please love both of these boys, even though they are
both named Elder.” What!?  I had to try so hard not to laugh during
the prayer!

So I also get a sliver doing a service project the other day and
literally had to perform surgery with my pocketknife and a pair of
tweezers to get it out.  My finger kinda hurts still:)

Finally, we ahd another Thanksgiving dinner on Monday with the
President, with a flaming cow leg as the main piece!  So cool!  I
wanted to die afterwards though I was so sick!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

12-1-2014 Cow Leg on fire 12-1-2014 Late Thanksgiving feast at mission

This was the late Thanksgiving Feast the Mission President did for them. Trenton loved it especially the cow leg on fire. “It was so sick and epic.”

11-29-2014 Christmas Tree 11-29-2014 Snowman

Trenton loves the snowman we sent him, since it is summer there. I love their Christmas Tree.

12-1-2014 12-3-2014 New Mission attire

Trenton says this is newly approved proselyting attire. Okay he wishes. It is getting hard there. He keeps saying that is screwing him up so much. Because he is ready for short cold days not long hot ones.

12-8-2014 Preforming surgery 12-8-2014 Splinter

Trenton preforming surgery on himself to remove a splinter.

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