Already December!?​!

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We are really excited for Taco Night.

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Our Thanksgiving Dinner


The view from our roof top.

Dear Family and Friends!

So out here in the field we don’t really pay attention to months
because our lives are broken up into six week transfers, so all of the
sudden you look down at your watch and are like , “oh my goodness,
it’s December!  Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!”  And that is just a
happy thought!

So last week, we did celebrate Thanksgiving in our pension.  A couple
of weeks ago, Gaby, our neighbor that feeds us like crazy, gave us a
whole chicken.  So during our weekly planning session, we put it in
the oven and it was really good!  We also had fried chicken, mashed
potatoes, and then Gaby had given us a vegetable pie because she gives
us lunch on Thursdays!  We were all really full, but it was really

That day, I also bought a Christmas tree and ornaments (although I
didn’t realize that the ornaments came without ornament hangers – so
when I got home I made some out of some copper wire we had in the
pension and it worked out just fine).  Then, I got the little window
snowman that I got in the package from my family and put it on the
window and now it feels like Christmas in the good old pension!  Minus
the snow and cold – Ushuaia might be cold year round, but Comodoro
definitely is not.  But it’s all good, I’ll just get to watch a pretty
amazing firework show on Christmas Eve instead, which I hear goes for
hours in some places because fireworks are cheap down here.  So we’ll
see, I’m excited!

So I almost gave myself a concussion a couple of nights ago – while I
was sleeping.  All I remember is waking up to my head slamming against
the wall – hard.  I was laying down and everything, sleeping nicely,
and then bang, my sleeping self decides to throw my head against the
wall.  It woke up two of the elders in the room it was so loud.  Let’s
just say that every night now someone tells me, “Elder Behunin, wrap
your head in something.”  It was really weird, and kind of painful.

All right, now a cool story.  Tuesday was interviews with the
President and we were supposed to prepare a lesson on the Atonement to
teach.  So that morning I was trying and trying to come up with
something to teach and wasn’t getting anything.  Everytime I tried to
run through an idea in my mind, I just ran into a wall that I just
could not get over to save my life.  I was praying and praying and
nothing was coming.  So eventually our studies ended and we needed to
go to our interview. We packed up our bags and headed for the door.
Still nothing, and I was getting nervous.  We knelt down to give our
prayer that we give before we leave every day and still nothing.
Elder Tyler started praying, and I was super nervous. However, as he
was asking God to help us teach the President the Atonement, it hit
me.  I remembered that if you draw over a Sharpie with a dry erase
marker, that the Sharpie will be erased.  So, I compared the Sharpie
to our lives and the sins that we commit and how we can repent and
repent, but our sins would never be erased unless Christ (the dry
erase marker) had come and experienced every pain and sorrow for every
sin and bad thing in our life that we had ever experienced.  It turned
our really well – I was super excited.  God really does answer
prayers.  It may not be on the timeline that we would like or be most
comfortable, but God will answer our prayers because he loves us.

Yo se que Dios vive, el nos ama mas que podemos imaginar, y que el nos
ayudará en cualquier cosa en nuestras vidas. Yo se que Jesucristo
sufrió por todos los cosas malas en nuestras vidas, y por medio de su
Expiación, podemos vivir con Dios por la eternidad.

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

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