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New Comodoro  shirts!

New Comodoro shirts!

Here are some pictures that Gaby, she takes care of all these elders, sent us via Facebook!

Trenton's craziness!!!!!

Trenton’s craziness!!!!!

The Elders with Gaby!

The Elders with Gaby!

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner

Eating some yummy food!

Eating some yummy food!

Christmas love to everyone! Thanks for supporting him!

Christmas love to everyone! Thanks for supporting him!

The Elders


¡Feliz Navidad!

Dear Family and Friends,

God works in mysterious ways.  So after the zone conference this
Thursday we went out to visit some people.  In order to get to part of
our area, we have to cross this pipe bridge (over a really gross
sewage river) or walk way around.  So we decided to cross the bridge
so we wouldn’t have to go way around and while we were going the wind
nearly blew us off, and blew Elder Tyler’s wallet out of his pocket
into the water.  We got it out with a stick, but it smelled really
bad.  We then went to visit some people and no one was there so we
decided to go back to the pension to get rid of Elder Tyler’s wallet
because it smelled so bad and then go to another part of the area.  So
on the way back, we got to the bridge and the wind was worse.  I was
like, I’m not crossing that, so I decided to go under because there is
a part where you can jump, but I didn’t jump far enough.  My foot
landed right into the river of poop.  Super gross.  So I then had to
go back to the pension, change my clothes, and shower (for an hour) to
get the smell off of me.  It took a while and when all was said and
done, we didn’t have time to go where we were planning on going, so we
just visited our neighbor investigator and had one of the most
spiritual lessons with her.  We put her on a 7 day program of OLA
(Pray, read, and attend church), and while she didn’t attend
yesterday, she has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and is
learning to love it, saying that she is finding answers in it to all
her problems.  Unfortunately, she is going out of town on the 26th for
the rest of the transfer.  She is progressing so much though, and she
doesn’t even realize it, even when we try to point it out for her.
She keeps telling us she’ll never be baptized, but I think that even
she knows that she’s getting really close:)  She just doesn’t want to
admit it.  We’ll have to keep giving her chapters to read in the Book
of Mormon when she’s on vacation.:)  We weren’t even planning on
visiting her that day, but I guess when God wants something done, he
sometimes has to put your foot in a river of poop.  Life lesson

We got our hot water back this week.  My first shower in it was like
Exaltation, no joke after 18 days of cold showers.  The water is
really cold down here at the end of the world.  Thus the face of pure
joy in that picture:)

Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas.  It has never been more
evident than right now, eating breathing, and living thinking of
nothing but Christ.  It’s super cool!

¡Feliz Navidad!

Elder Trenton Behunin

12-17-2014 Beach 2 12-17-2014 Trenton at Beach 12-17-2014 Beach

This is the beach at the bottom of the hill that his pension is on. Trenton loves it here.

12-16-2014 New Hot Water Heater 12-17-2014 Working the shoes right off my feet

Hot showers again! Working the shoes right off my feet!

I finally know the Words!

Dear Family and Friends!

Have any of you ever wondered what the heck Michael Buble was singing
when he was
singing “Feliz Navidad”.  I always thought he was saying something
about a sparrow, and I was always super confused.  But yesterday we
had a stake Christmas Devotional and all the missionaries sang English
songs like Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and Feliz
Navidad.  For those of you that have wondered all your life, it is:

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad,
Feliz Navided, próspero año y felicidad

I feel that the Christmas side of me is now complete:)  It means Merry
Christmas and a Properous Year and Happiness:)

So a while back (I think my third week in the field) I shared a
miracle (I think) about a guy named Boris who stopped us on the street
and asked us to come by his house, and Elder Flores and I were going
crazy.  We never really got to teach him that much but Elder Tyler and
I have been passing by his work and talking to him.  He really wants
to change his life, be faithful and get on the right track and we were
getting super excited!  So we started talking about Baptism and how
important it is and invited him to be baptized and he was like “I’ve
already been baptized into your church.”  What?!  So our investigator
turns out to be inactive.  We brought him to church though and he got
along really well with everyone.  All of the youth went up and talked
to him, it was fantastic!

I’ll be staying here in Comodoro for 6 more weeks, and I’m super pumped!

Yo se que este iglesia tiene la verdad.  Yo se que Jose Smith fue un
profeta.  Yo se que Dios envio su hijo a salvarnos, y que mediante el
podemos regresar a vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial para siempre!

Remember the reason for the season!  #ComparteLaDadiva

Les quiero,

Elder Trenton Behunin

12-13-2014 4 month selfie

4 month Selfie!

12-9-2014 Comodoro at Sunset 12-11-2014 Finally cleaned my desk

Sunset in Comodoro. This next one was for me because I got onto for his messy desk a couple weeks back.

Goodbye to Elder Hunt Goodbye to Elder Mosheir

Goodbyes to Elder Hunt and Elder Moshier

Time flies when you’re working hard!

¡Querido familia y amigos!

This is my last week of training!  I can’t hardly believe that this
transfer is already gone!  It literally feels like yesterday that I
was saying goodbye to Elder Flores and hello to Elder Tyler, and now
this transfer is nearly over!

Super cool experience in church on Sunday!  So last transfer, I helped
Miguel, my convert, make a ordinance required for salvation and it was
a super cool experience!  So on Sunday during the Sacrament, I had my
eyes closed and I was praying and I heard the deacon walk up to me
with the Sacrament tray.  I look up and instead of it being a deacon,
it was Miguel, who received the priesthood two weeks before.  That
day, he helped me renew my covenants required for salvation! That was
one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had so far out here!  It
was amazing!  I love this gospel!

This week we also decided to go out contacting in service clothes and
try to do service because whenever we offer, people always use the
excuse that our clothes are too nice.  We didn’t get to do any
service, but we taught a lesson to a drunk guy that turned out to be a
really good lesson.:)

So another time we were contacting and we got into the house of a man
named Dario (I think that that was the first time I got into a house
while contacting).  We asked him to give the closing prayer and in it
he said “God, please love both of these boys, even though they are
both named Elder.” What!?  I had to try so hard not to laugh during
the prayer!

So I also get a sliver doing a service project the other day and
literally had to perform surgery with my pocketknife and a pair of
tweezers to get it out.  My finger kinda hurts still:)

Finally, we ahd another Thanksgiving dinner on Monday with the
President, with a flaming cow leg as the main piece!  So cool!  I
wanted to die afterwards though I was so sick!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

12-1-2014 Cow Leg on fire 12-1-2014 Late Thanksgiving feast at mission

This was the late Thanksgiving Feast the Mission President did for them. Trenton loved it especially the cow leg on fire. “It was so sick and epic.”

11-29-2014 Christmas Tree 11-29-2014 Snowman

Trenton loves the snowman we sent him, since it is summer there. I love their Christmas Tree.

12-1-2014 12-3-2014 New Mission attire

Trenton says this is newly approved proselyting attire. Okay he wishes. It is getting hard there. He keeps saying that is screwing him up so much. Because he is ready for short cold days not long hot ones.

12-8-2014 Preforming surgery 12-8-2014 Splinter

Trenton preforming surgery on himself to remove a splinter.

Already December!?​!

P1000471 P1000469

We are really excited for Taco Night.

P1000441 P1000448

Our Thanksgiving Dinner


The view from our roof top.

Dear Family and Friends!

So out here in the field we don’t really pay attention to months
because our lives are broken up into six week transfers, so all of the
sudden you look down at your watch and are like , “oh my goodness,
it’s December!  Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!”  And that is just a
happy thought!

So last week, we did celebrate Thanksgiving in our pension.  A couple
of weeks ago, Gaby, our neighbor that feeds us like crazy, gave us a
whole chicken.  So during our weekly planning session, we put it in
the oven and it was really good!  We also had fried chicken, mashed
potatoes, and then Gaby had given us a vegetable pie because she gives
us lunch on Thursdays!  We were all really full, but it was really

That day, I also bought a Christmas tree and ornaments (although I
didn’t realize that the ornaments came without ornament hangers – so
when I got home I made some out of some copper wire we had in the
pension and it worked out just fine).  Then, I got the little window
snowman that I got in the package from my family and put it on the
window and now it feels like Christmas in the good old pension!  Minus
the snow and cold – Ushuaia might be cold year round, but Comodoro
definitely is not.  But it’s all good, I’ll just get to watch a pretty
amazing firework show on Christmas Eve instead, which I hear goes for
hours in some places because fireworks are cheap down here.  So we’ll
see, I’m excited!

So I almost gave myself a concussion a couple of nights ago – while I
was sleeping.  All I remember is waking up to my head slamming against
the wall – hard.  I was laying down and everything, sleeping nicely,
and then bang, my sleeping self decides to throw my head against the
wall.  It woke up two of the elders in the room it was so loud.  Let’s
just say that every night now someone tells me, “Elder Behunin, wrap
your head in something.”  It was really weird, and kind of painful.

All right, now a cool story.  Tuesday was interviews with the
President and we were supposed to prepare a lesson on the Atonement to
teach.  So that morning I was trying and trying to come up with
something to teach and wasn’t getting anything.  Everytime I tried to
run through an idea in my mind, I just ran into a wall that I just
could not get over to save my life.  I was praying and praying and
nothing was coming.  So eventually our studies ended and we needed to
go to our interview. We packed up our bags and headed for the door.
Still nothing, and I was getting nervous.  We knelt down to give our
prayer that we give before we leave every day and still nothing.
Elder Tyler started praying, and I was super nervous. However, as he
was asking God to help us teach the President the Atonement, it hit
me.  I remembered that if you draw over a Sharpie with a dry erase
marker, that the Sharpie will be erased.  So, I compared the Sharpie
to our lives and the sins that we commit and how we can repent and
repent, but our sins would never be erased unless Christ (the dry
erase marker) had come and experienced every pain and sorrow for every
sin and bad thing in our life that we had ever experienced.  It turned
our really well – I was super excited.  God really does answer
prayers.  It may not be on the timeline that we would like or be most
comfortable, but God will answer our prayers because he loves us.

Yo se que Dios vive, el nos ama mas que podemos imaginar, y que el nos
ayudará en cualquier cosa en nuestras vidas. Yo se que Jesucristo
sufrió por todos los cosas malas en nuestras vidas, y por medio de su
Expiación, podemos vivir con Dios por la eternidad.

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin