¡Feliz día de gracias!

Dear Family and Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!  They don’t celebrate it down here, but they do do
Black Friday, but that was a the beginning of the month.  We are still
celebrating.  Our neighbor gave us a whole chicken so we might try to
cook it, or atleast have fried chicken.  Also, next Monday, we are
having a Thanksgiving feast, 70 pesos each, and the President is
paying half, so it should be really good!

This week has been kind of a slow week.  We’ve been trying to contact
the baptisimal dates that we put, but we can never find them and they
don’t answer their phones.  So we did a lot of contacting. One day we
did 77 contacts, which is insane because all of our contacts are door
to door because nobody is walking around on the streets.  Not to
mention only about one in four houses open the door.  So that was
nearly 300 houses knocked in one day.  My feet were sore, but my
spirits were definitely up because we had several really good contacts
with follow up appointments scheduled int he coming days!

Funny thing, so one morning I was messing around and put my plaque on
backwards, just for fun. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn it back and
didn’t realize until my companion let me know it was on backwards in
the middle of a contact where I was using it to explain which church I
was from. Whoops!

It was also way fun.  Yesterday, we borrowed tennis rackets from an
investigator and played at the church.  It was super fun, but I’m
super out of shape!  And I got super burnt!  But it was worth it, and
afterwards I went and bought sunscreen:)

I love you all!  You’re in my prayers!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

So Trenton hit the ball over the fence. He says we can not see the  giant spikes on the fence. He says “I was being careful mom!”

What is wrong with this picture? Besides his messy desk.


So I totally found it in two seconds and Bryce never did till I pointed out the package of cigarettes they stole from one of the investigators.

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