What a Week

This week has been super good!  It’s been getting windy and hot here
in Comodoro, my internal clock is going crazy!  It should be getting
cold by now, with short days!:)

Elder Christoffersen came this week and it was SO good!  I was going
to accompany the EFY Medley of As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman, but
Elder Christoffersen said he wanted to sing a restoration hymn
instead, but I still got to play for him which was SUPER cool.  I was
way nervous I would butcher the song but I feel like I did a pretty
good job!  (Oh yeah, I was also sitting on the front row which was
super cool!)  Some of my favorite things that he said are also super
applicable to not only missionary life, but life in general.  He said
(translated) “At the end of the day, meditate on the day and you will
see the hand of God in your life.”  It is so true.  God blesses us in
so many ways that we don’t even recognize during our super busy lives
(especially as missionaries:)), ut really are truly magnificent!  We
need to recognize and thank him for those!  He also said “What are you
willing to give up to be a better missionary?”  I feel that that can
be applied to a better person, a better disciple as well.  How can we
be better disciples of Christ?  What are our so called “weapons of
rebellion” holding back the blessings of heaven, and how can we change
ourselves to be more like the Savior?  It’s super intrigueing!

We had a lot of “outward” success this week in the form of new
baptisimal dates.  We set 6 this week which is crazy because we only
set one last transfer!  And we used the Book of Mormon for all of
them!  This book is such a powerful tool!  Read it, apply it in your
daily lives, and share it witht he people that you love most!  It will
change their lives!  Now we just need to get half of those guys
married, because nobody gets married here in Argentina.

The other night we were riding the collectivo (bus) and I saw a really
cool quote that I wrote down. It said “No esperes el momento perfecto,
toma el momento y hazlo perfecto” or “Don’t wait for the perfect
moment, take the moment and do it perfectly!”  Share the gospel with
someone this week, don’t wait and say it’s not the right time, just do
it and pray for God to help you!  D&C 24:12 has a really cool promise
and it’s not just for missionaries, it is for anyone who is willing to
open their mouth and share the gospel!  I challenge you all to do it
this week!  Don’t wait for the perfect moment to open your mouth, just
open your mouth and God will help you!  He has promised!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin
GroupFixed (1)Most of the Mission with Elder Christoffersen

P1000393 P1000398

Trenton was excited to show me that they have Black Friday in Argentina!

Trenton after his haircut.

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