It’s windy to say the least:)

Dear Family and Friends,

6 weeks ago I wrote home saying that we don’t know what wind is in
Utah.  If only I would have really known what wind it back then.
Evidently November is supposed to be the worst month for wind, and I’m
definitely seeing why.  I honestly couldn’t walk a straight line if I
wanted too.  It’s nearly blown me off of my feet several times!  It’s
insane, but definitely a lot better than the heat that’s here when
there’s no wind.  Honestly, it feels weird without wind.

Fasting works, I’d like to bear my testimony about that.  We did a
mission fast this weekend for our Noche Blance (the president wants as
many missionaries as possible to have a baptism the night of November
29) and for Elder Christoffersen who is coming this week to Comodoro!
(Maybe he’s looking for a temple site:)).  So we started our fast
after lunch (because the main meal around here is lunch, not dinner,
so you feel fat all day:)).  After lunch we went to a barrio
(neighborhood or ward, depending on the context) and started
contacting and on the sixth door they opened up and I stated talking
to them about the Book of Mormon and it turned into the first lesson,
and then we committed him to baptism on November 29!  Now our prayers
are that he holds to that!  All within 2 hours of starting our fast!
It was amazing!

So, our neighbor is a nonmember and very Catholic, but she is amazing.
She loves the missionaries so much because she has children that are
in Buenos Aires and she misses them so she makes it up with feeding us
every night and morning, along with our lunch once a week.  She says
that she’s taking care of us hoping that people are taking care of her
children.  She’s pretty fantastic, and Elder Tyler and I taught her
the first lesson yesterday, so hopefully she reads the Book of Mormon
we left her and prays about it.

¡Les quiero mucho!

Elder Trenton Behunin

Comodoro NorteThe missionaries in Comodora with President and Sister Rodgers!

P1000383 Elder Tyler, Elder Flores and Trenton

P1000385This is the food their Catholic neighbor Gabby gave them. I am so thankful that there is a mom out there taking care of my baby.   I am grateful for this wonderful woman she is an answer to my prayers!

One thought on “It’s windy to say the least:)

  1. So good to hear your doing good. You look good too! Thanks for sharing your testimony on fasting. So great to see your blessings from it. I’ll keep him in my prayers he’ll keep his baptism date. Addison is getting baptized on the 23rd she is so excited! Love and miss you!


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