Quick Letter

Hey Family and Friends,

This week is going to be short I think because the Internet is
struggling and I have to go see Elder Flores off in just a little bit.
He is going to be a Zone Leader down in Rio Grande.  My new companion
is Elder Tyler, he got here this morning.  He’s from California, and
he seems way cool, although I don’t know too much about him yet.

So we moved to a new pension this week which I’m super grateful for
because the last one was bad, but this one is nice and new.  I love

So last p-day, after I wrote, we went to a park and were having a
picnic and we saw the Comodoro Basketball team doing a photoshoot.  So
Elder Flores walked up to them and asked if we could get a picture
with them and they said yes!  So they took pictures with Elder Flores’
camera, and then with their nice cameras, and said that the pictures
might end up on Facebook, so see if you can find their Facebook page!
It was way cool!

So, it also never snows in Comodoro, not even in the winter, but it
did this week, and it was way cool!  I loved it!  I was running around
catching snowflakes on my tongue and singing “I’m dreaming of a White
Christmas”  It was pretty fantastic.  Definitely the highlight of the

Sorry this is so short, but we’re short on time and this computer is
driving me insane!

¡Les quiero mucho!

Elder Trenton BehuninIMG_2860 IMG_2862

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