¡Feliz día de gracias!

Dear Family and Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!  They don’t celebrate it down here, but they do do
Black Friday, but that was a the beginning of the month.  We are still
celebrating.  Our neighbor gave us a whole chicken so we might try to
cook it, or atleast have fried chicken.  Also, next Monday, we are
having a Thanksgiving feast, 70 pesos each, and the President is
paying half, so it should be really good!

This week has been kind of a slow week.  We’ve been trying to contact
the baptisimal dates that we put, but we can never find them and they
don’t answer their phones.  So we did a lot of contacting. One day we
did 77 contacts, which is insane because all of our contacts are door
to door because nobody is walking around on the streets.  Not to
mention only about one in four houses open the door.  So that was
nearly 300 houses knocked in one day.  My feet were sore, but my
spirits were definitely up because we had several really good contacts
with follow up appointments scheduled int he coming days!

Funny thing, so one morning I was messing around and put my plaque on
backwards, just for fun. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn it back and
didn’t realize until my companion let me know it was on backwards in
the middle of a contact where I was using it to explain which church I
was from. Whoops!

It was also way fun.  Yesterday, we borrowed tennis rackets from an
investigator and played at the church.  It was super fun, but I’m
super out of shape!  And I got super burnt!  But it was worth it, and
afterwards I went and bought sunscreen:)

I love you all!  You’re in my prayers!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

So Trenton hit the ball over the fence. He says we can not see the  giant spikes on the fence. He says “I was being careful mom!”

What is wrong with this picture? Besides his messy desk.


So I totally found it in two seconds and Bryce never did till I pointed out the package of cigarettes they stole from one of the investigators.


What a Week

This week has been super good!  It’s been getting windy and hot here
in Comodoro, my internal clock is going crazy!  It should be getting
cold by now, with short days!:)

Elder Christoffersen came this week and it was SO good!  I was going
to accompany the EFY Medley of As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman, but
Elder Christoffersen said he wanted to sing a restoration hymn
instead, but I still got to play for him which was SUPER cool.  I was
way nervous I would butcher the song but I feel like I did a pretty
good job!  (Oh yeah, I was also sitting on the front row which was
super cool!)  Some of my favorite things that he said are also super
applicable to not only missionary life, but life in general.  He said
(translated) “At the end of the day, meditate on the day and you will
see the hand of God in your life.”  It is so true.  God blesses us in
so many ways that we don’t even recognize during our super busy lives
(especially as missionaries:)), ut really are truly magnificent!  We
need to recognize and thank him for those!  He also said “What are you
willing to give up to be a better missionary?”  I feel that that can
be applied to a better person, a better disciple as well.  How can we
be better disciples of Christ?  What are our so called “weapons of
rebellion” holding back the blessings of heaven, and how can we change
ourselves to be more like the Savior?  It’s super intrigueing!

We had a lot of “outward” success this week in the form of new
baptisimal dates.  We set 6 this week which is crazy because we only
set one last transfer!  And we used the Book of Mormon for all of
them!  This book is such a powerful tool!  Read it, apply it in your
daily lives, and share it witht he people that you love most!  It will
change their lives!  Now we just need to get half of those guys
married, because nobody gets married here in Argentina.

The other night we were riding the collectivo (bus) and I saw a really
cool quote that I wrote down. It said “No esperes el momento perfecto,
toma el momento y hazlo perfecto” or “Don’t wait for the perfect
moment, take the moment and do it perfectly!”  Share the gospel with
someone this week, don’t wait and say it’s not the right time, just do
it and pray for God to help you!  D&C 24:12 has a really cool promise
and it’s not just for missionaries, it is for anyone who is willing to
open their mouth and share the gospel!  I challenge you all to do it
this week!  Don’t wait for the perfect moment to open your mouth, just
open your mouth and God will help you!  He has promised!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin
GroupFixed (1)Most of the Mission with Elder Christoffersen

P1000393 P1000398

Trenton was excited to show me that they have Black Friday in Argentina!

Trenton after his haircut.

It’s windy to say the least:)

Dear Family and Friends,

6 weeks ago I wrote home saying that we don’t know what wind is in
Utah.  If only I would have really known what wind it back then.
Evidently November is supposed to be the worst month for wind, and I’m
definitely seeing why.  I honestly couldn’t walk a straight line if I
wanted too.  It’s nearly blown me off of my feet several times!  It’s
insane, but definitely a lot better than the heat that’s here when
there’s no wind.  Honestly, it feels weird without wind.

Fasting works, I’d like to bear my testimony about that.  We did a
mission fast this weekend for our Noche Blance (the president wants as
many missionaries as possible to have a baptism the night of November
29) and for Elder Christoffersen who is coming this week to Comodoro!
(Maybe he’s looking for a temple site:)).  So we started our fast
after lunch (because the main meal around here is lunch, not dinner,
so you feel fat all day:)).  After lunch we went to a barrio
(neighborhood or ward, depending on the context) and started
contacting and on the sixth door they opened up and I stated talking
to them about the Book of Mormon and it turned into the first lesson,
and then we committed him to baptism on November 29!  Now our prayers
are that he holds to that!  All within 2 hours of starting our fast!
It was amazing!

So, our neighbor is a nonmember and very Catholic, but she is amazing.
She loves the missionaries so much because she has children that are
in Buenos Aires and she misses them so she makes it up with feeding us
every night and morning, along with our lunch once a week.  She says
that she’s taking care of us hoping that people are taking care of her
children.  She’s pretty fantastic, and Elder Tyler and I taught her
the first lesson yesterday, so hopefully she reads the Book of Mormon
we left her and prays about it.

¡Les quiero mucho!

Elder Trenton Behunin

Comodoro NorteThe missionaries in Comodora with President and Sister Rodgers!

P1000383 Elder Tyler, Elder Flores and Trenton

P1000385This is the food their Catholic neighbor Gabby gave them. I am so thankful that there is a mom out there taking care of my baby.   I am grateful for this wonderful woman she is an answer to my prayers!

Quick Letter

Hey Family and Friends,

This week is going to be short I think because the Internet is
struggling and I have to go see Elder Flores off in just a little bit.
He is going to be a Zone Leader down in Rio Grande.  My new companion
is Elder Tyler, he got here this morning.  He’s from California, and
he seems way cool, although I don’t know too much about him yet.

So we moved to a new pension this week which I’m super grateful for
because the last one was bad, but this one is nice and new.  I love

So last p-day, after I wrote, we went to a park and were having a
picnic and we saw the Comodoro Basketball team doing a photoshoot.  So
Elder Flores walked up to them and asked if we could get a picture
with them and they said yes!  So they took pictures with Elder Flores’
camera, and then with their nice cameras, and said that the pictures
might end up on Facebook, so see if you can find their Facebook page!
It was way cool!

So, it also never snows in Comodoro, not even in the winter, but it
did this week, and it was way cool!  I loved it!  I was running around
catching snowflakes on my tongue and singing “I’m dreaming of a White
Christmas”  It was pretty fantastic.  Definitely the highlight of the

Sorry this is so short, but we’re short on time and this computer is
driving me insane!

¡Les quiero mucho!

Elder Trenton BehuninIMG_2860 IMG_2862