Letter From Oct 20, 2014

So there internet is not the most reliable down in Argentina we will not always  hear from Trenton. This was Trenton’s letter he wrote on Oct 20, 2014

¡Hola familia y amigos!

¿Como están?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day!
The weeks seem to be going faster and faster, it’s kind of crazy! The
Castellano is coming pretty well, so everybody I speak to tells me,
and I evidently I don’t sound like a gringo, which makes me super
happy! Almost everybody I talk to tells me that!

I had a really cool, kind of humbling experience this week. Elder
Flores and I were at the house of one of the less actives that we
stumbled upon last Monday that we didn’t know existed and he asked a
question about the Restoration, which was way cool in and of itself!
We went on to explain it and I shared Joseph’s account of the First
Vision, which is basically like my favorite thing to share in lessons.
Afterward, he said that he really does know that the church is true
because he can feel the Holy Ghost in our meetings. He also said that
there are some people that when you listen to them you can feel the
Spirit through the power of their words, and he pointed to me and
said, “He doesn’t speak a lot, but I love it when he does because he
has that power in his words.” That was really humbling, seeing how the
Spirit is working through me. I’m just excited for when I can speak,
but more importantly understand, Castellano so that I can speak more
with the people.

So, for the first time in the history of the Patagonia, there is an
apostle coming to speak on November 12!  So pumped!  I better get
better at understanding Spanish though otherwise I won’t get much out
of it.  Sacrament meetings are usually pretty hard, so hopefully I’ll
be able to concentrate:)  I should though, it’s not every day that you
get to hear an apostle speak!  Hopefully it’s a sign, maybe they’re
looking for a place to put a temple!  If there’s enough members to
visit down here, there would be enough members for a temple, wouldn’t
you think?  I hope so!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin


Trenton loved that he buys boxes of milk and bags of yogurt!

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