These Argentines and their holidays

Dear Family and Friends!

So I would have written yesterday, but there was another Argentine holiday and everything was closed again, for the second time in three weeks!
This week flew by, I can’t believe that I’m here on the computer again writing again!  I’m starting to understand most of what is said during the lessons with most people, although there are those few whose accents are impossible to discern, but I’m getting better!  And as I learn Castellano (they don’t speak Spanish down here:)) the days go faster and faster, just like the MTC.  Days are like weeks and weeks are definitely like days!
This week has been super hard but super great! I don’t remember which day last week, but one of them one the hardest that I have had so far in my mission. Every single one of our appointments fell through, so we contacted all day, but nobody opened their doors to talk to us, and we didn’t hardly see anyone in the street, we only managed to get 10 or 11 contacts that day and it was super discouraging. But we worked through it, and the next day we got up and went to Barrio Laprida and had a really good lesson with our investigator up there and afterward we decided to contact one of the references that we had received. We knock on his door and start talking and immediately opens up. We talked to him on his doorstep for a while and then he let us inside, and he opened up even more. I really couldn’t understand a whole lot that was going on, but I could definitely feel the Spirit super strong, it was amazing. We finished the lesson and he invited us to come back, so we have an appointment with him today!
Also, last night, we were only out for a couple of hours because it was P-day, but we saw miracles in those two hours!  During that time, we talked to two people in our areas who both turned out to be less actives whom we had never heard of!   It was amazing because that never happens, just finding one, but we found two!  The Lord definitely does work with his missionaries! 
A couple of funny things:
Sometime last week, I think Saturday, we were out on the street contacting and we saw a mom and her daughter, so we went over to talk to them.  We walk up and the mom asks “You don’t want to talk about God do you?” to which we replied “No, we want to talk about families and how God has a plan for them!”  When we said this, the little girl, about seven or eight, gave the BIGGEST eye roll I have ever seen, NO JOKE!  We looked down at her confused, and then she did it again!  So we looked at the mom and tried to start talking to her again, and the little girl grabbed her mom’s hand and pulled her away!  What on earth!
The other was yesterday, when we were walking back to our pension.  We saw this woman walking the other direction and were just going to say “Hi” to her, but as soon as we made eye contact, she looked down, sped up, and did the whole Catholic cross-to-ward-away-evil thing! 
Some people are really receptive to us down here, but for the most part when we knock on doors they either look out the window and then make sure the door is locked or tap on the window and tell us to go away.  Then, when they see us in the Bus Stop area, they intentionally stand behind it to wait for the bus so they don’t have to talk to us.  Their loss, I feel bad for them knowing what their missing out on, but they will learn eventually.  I only hope that it is in this life.
¡Les quiero!
Elder Trenton Behunin

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