Dear Family and Friends!!! ¡Milagros, milagros, milagros!  (Miracles, miracles, miracles!) This week has been amazing!!!!  So many miracles!  It started off on Monday.  We were at Walmart buying our stuff for this week when our investigator, Miguel, called and said he wanted to be baptized this Saturday!  That was crazy and out of the blue,Continue reading “¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡M​ILAGROS!!!​!!!!”

These Argentines and their holidays

Dear Family and Friends! So I would have written yesterday, but there was another Argentine holiday and everything was closed again, for the second time in three weeks! This week flew by, I can’t believe that I’m here on the computer again writing again!  I’m starting to understand most of what is said during theContinue reading “These Argentines and their holidays”