Dear Family and Friends!!!

¡Milagros, milagros, milagros!  (Miracles, miracles, miracles!)

This week has been amazing!!!!  So many miracles!  It started off on
Monday.  We were at Walmart buying
our stuff for this week when our investigator, Miguel, called and said
he wanted to be baptized this Saturday!  That was crazy and out of the
blue, because the week before we asked him twice and each time he said
maybe, but not October 25, that’s too soon!  That definitely put a
highlight on that day!  We had a lot to teach him though, so we were a
little bit stressed about that because he doesn’t learn very fast.  So
we go to teach him lesson 4, and he basically already knows all of it,
and the stuff he didn’t know he learned super fast!  It was a miracle!
I could hardly believe my ears as he was talking!  He was explaining
more to us than we were teaching to him!  There was even a point where
we just asked him what the Sacrament was, we didn’t even teach
anything, and he said that it is when we partake of the bread and
water every week which represent the blood and flesh of Christ.  It is
an opportunity for us to repent of the things that we have done wrong
in the past week and promise to try to do better the next week!  And
that we need to prepare for the Sacrament every week by trying to be a
little bit better than we were the previous week!  I could barely
believe my ears!  We asked him who had taught him that, and he pointed
up to the sky!  He taught me that day.  The following Sunday, I
remembered what he said and honestly it was the most spiritual
partakings of the Sacrament that I had ever had!  My investigator
taught me this week!  The baptism was super spiritual, Miguel really
does know with all of his heart that this church is true, it has been
amazing to see him grow!  I had the opportunity to confirm him and
give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost and that was amazing!  I was super
nervous because I struggle giving blessings in English and I’m fluent
in that language, but when I got up there, I felt a peace in my heart,
and just like with in English, words started coming to me, this time
in Spanish!  It was super amazing!  I know that God lives and wants me
to succeed, he helped me that day and will help me on every other day
as well!

We had another miracle this week too.  We were walking in the street
this week and someone called out to us.  We walked back to where he
was and he asked us to come and visit him because he wants to change
his life!  Miracle, that never happens!  So we scheduled an
appointment for Sunday and met with him and his girlfriend and the
Spirit was there like crazy!  They genuinely want to learn more and
will do whatever it takes to change their lives for the better and
have an eternal family!  They were just two of our five new
investigators this week! (This number is crazy for our mission, in my
first four weeks, we had one!)

I know that God has his hand in this work, and that he has for us
people prepared to hear his gospel, we just need to be worthy enough
to find them.  This area is hard, but Elder Flores and I have gotten
out there and contacted and done as much as we could, and now we are
seeing the miracles!  God lives, I know it!

Funny mistake my companion made this week:  we were teaching the Law
of Chastity to Miguel and he was trying to tell him that he can’t have
any sexual relations unless he is married. “Married” is “casado.”
Unfortunately, he said “cansado” which means “tired.”  Whoops!  The
best part is he’s a native speaker!

The Lord lives!  I know it!  This week has been amazing!  God is our guide!

I want to share one of my favorite scriptures from this week’s
personal study, in 1 Nephi 7:16-17.  Notice in Nephi’s prayer that he
is not asking the Lord to remove the bands that are holding him back,
but to grant him the strength to break the.  Oftentimes I, as I’m sure
many of us, have received a trial that I have asked the Lord to take
away.  But if he takes it away, I won’t be any stronger.  We need to
remember that everything happens for a reason, and we won’t receive a
trial that we can’t overcome.  We just need to ask God for the help,
because as it says in Phillipians 4:13, “I can do all things through
Christ which strengtheneth me.”

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin


So Trenton thought of his mom (who if you don’t know is obsessed with penguins!) and had to buy this cereal.

P1000343 P1000348

This was such a wonderful surprise to Trenton.


Letter From Oct 20, 2014

So there internet is not the most reliable down in Argentina we will not always  hear from Trenton. This was Trenton’s letter he wrote on Oct 20, 2014

¡Hola familia y amigos!

¿Como están?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day!
The weeks seem to be going faster and faster, it’s kind of crazy! The
Castellano is coming pretty well, so everybody I speak to tells me,
and I evidently I don’t sound like a gringo, which makes me super
happy! Almost everybody I talk to tells me that!

I had a really cool, kind of humbling experience this week. Elder
Flores and I were at the house of one of the less actives that we
stumbled upon last Monday that we didn’t know existed and he asked a
question about the Restoration, which was way cool in and of itself!
We went on to explain it and I shared Joseph’s account of the First
Vision, which is basically like my favorite thing to share in lessons.
Afterward, he said that he really does know that the church is true
because he can feel the Holy Ghost in our meetings. He also said that
there are some people that when you listen to them you can feel the
Spirit through the power of their words, and he pointed to me and
said, “He doesn’t speak a lot, but I love it when he does because he
has that power in his words.” That was really humbling, seeing how the
Spirit is working through me. I’m just excited for when I can speak,
but more importantly understand, Castellano so that I can speak more
with the people.

So, for the first time in the history of the Patagonia, there is an
apostle coming to speak on November 12!  So pumped!  I better get
better at understanding Spanish though otherwise I won’t get much out
of it.  Sacrament meetings are usually pretty hard, so hopefully I’ll
be able to concentrate:)  I should though, it’s not every day that you
get to hear an apostle speak!  Hopefully it’s a sign, maybe they’re
looking for a place to put a temple!  If there’s enough members to
visit down here, there would be enough members for a temple, wouldn’t
you think?  I hope so!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin


Trenton loved that he buys boxes of milk and bags of yogurt!

These Argentines and their holidays

Dear Family and Friends!

So I would have written yesterday, but there was another Argentine holiday and everything was closed again, for the second time in three weeks!
This week flew by, I can’t believe that I’m here on the computer again writing again!  I’m starting to understand most of what is said during the lessons with most people, although there are those few whose accents are impossible to discern, but I’m getting better!  And as I learn Castellano (they don’t speak Spanish down here:)) the days go faster and faster, just like the MTC.  Days are like weeks and weeks are definitely like days!
This week has been super hard but super great! I don’t remember which day last week, but one of them one the hardest that I have had so far in my mission. Every single one of our appointments fell through, so we contacted all day, but nobody opened their doors to talk to us, and we didn’t hardly see anyone in the street, we only managed to get 10 or 11 contacts that day and it was super discouraging. But we worked through it, and the next day we got up and went to Barrio Laprida and had a really good lesson with our investigator up there and afterward we decided to contact one of the references that we had received. We knock on his door and start talking and immediately opens up. We talked to him on his doorstep for a while and then he let us inside, and he opened up even more. I really couldn’t understand a whole lot that was going on, but I could definitely feel the Spirit super strong, it was amazing. We finished the lesson and he invited us to come back, so we have an appointment with him today!
Also, last night, we were only out for a couple of hours because it was P-day, but we saw miracles in those two hours!  During that time, we talked to two people in our areas who both turned out to be less actives whom we had never heard of!   It was amazing because that never happens, just finding one, but we found two!  The Lord definitely does work with his missionaries! 
A couple of funny things:
Sometime last week, I think Saturday, we were out on the street contacting and we saw a mom and her daughter, so we went over to talk to them.  We walk up and the mom asks “You don’t want to talk about God do you?” to which we replied “No, we want to talk about families and how God has a plan for them!”  When we said this, the little girl, about seven or eight, gave the BIGGEST eye roll I have ever seen, NO JOKE!  We looked down at her confused, and then she did it again!  So we looked at the mom and tried to start talking to her again, and the little girl grabbed her mom’s hand and pulled her away!  What on earth!
The other was yesterday, when we were walking back to our pension.  We saw this woman walking the other direction and were just going to say “Hi” to her, but as soon as we made eye contact, she looked down, sped up, and did the whole Catholic cross-to-ward-away-evil thing! 
Some people are really receptive to us down here, but for the most part when we knock on doors they either look out the window and then make sure the door is locked or tap on the window and tell us to go away.  Then, when they see us in the Bus Stop area, they intentionally stand behind it to wait for the bus so they don’t have to talk to us.  Their loss, I feel bad for them knowing what their missing out on, but they will learn eventually.  I only hope that it is in this life.
¡Les quiero!
Elder Trenton Behunin

Oct 5, 2014 Emails

So Trenton had me stressed out. I was so looking forward to hearing from him and I get an email that said, “Today is my P-day but I cannot write.” Then nothing for a week. So here are the first two letters I got from him. What a relief to finally know where he was in Argentina and that he wad doing alright.

Sorry about last week, the Internet stopped working while I was in the Internet Cafe, and there really wasn’t anything I could do, I’m super sorry, but here’s the letter from last week!

Hey Everybody,

I would have wrote yesterday but everything was closed for something or other, a holiday like Labor Day I´m assuming!  I can´t believe that I’m actually here, it’s crazy, especially that I’ve been here for a week!
My companion is named Elder Flores, and he is fantastic, although he doesn’t speak a lick of English, which makes communication extremely difficult sometimes, although I’m learning very fast. It does get frustrating sometimes though, but I just need to have patience with myself.  He honestly is one of the most Christ like people I have ever met.  When I first met him, he said (in Spanish) “My job is to serve you, so let me.”
Missionary work is definitely not easy.  When we showed up at the MTC back in August, they told us that being at the MTC was like drinking out of a fire hydrant.  It’s really refreshing but you really get pounded and don’t get a whole lot out of it sometimes.  If the MTC was like drinking out of a fire hydrant, the field is like drinking straight from the base of Niagara Falls.  I have never felt the Spirit so strong in my life, but it is an information overload!  And I don’t even get half of it because I don’t understand what my companion is saying half the time!:)  I just nod and say “Uh-huh,”  then sometimes figure it out about five minutes later!   But it definitely is a blast, in more ways than one!
It’s cool working with real people now!  Oh yeah, I nearly forgot!!  My first area is in Comodoro Norte, Kilometras B.  For those of you that know Comodoro (Brother Uboldi), I live in Kilometras 5.  Here in Comodoro, we work a lot with less active members because there are a lot of them.  One of the goals in the mission is to get a temple in the Patagonia, and in order to be considered for one, they need 2-3 more stakes.  In order to get that, they need a 25% reactivation rate of less active members, so we’ve been pounding that because other people don’t like to open their doors.
Love you all,
Elder Trenton Behunin
¡Hola familia y amigos!

¿Como están?
I’m super sorry about last week, I’ve felt super bad all week!
This past week has been great, though we haven’t got a whole lot done.  We had a zone conference with the President on Tuesday, a zone conference on Friday, and General Conference on Saturday and Sunday!
I love it here, I’m finally starting to pick up on more Spanish, I can kind of pick up the message of what people are trying to say, although I still zone out quite often because I still don’t understand, just pick up a word here or there in the middle of a sentence.  The harder I concentrate, the more I get, but my head hurts after a while!
I am in a hard area, last week we scheduled atleast 3 appointments every day and all but two fell through.  But that’s okay because we’ve been able to do a lot of contacting and we’ve ran into some very promising people, including one that I’m 99% sure will get baptized.  We showed up at her door and taught for about 10 minutes just about eternal families (by we I mean Elder Flores, I was trying to figure out what was going on:)).  But the Spirit was SO strong, I’m so excited for the lesson with her next week!
General Conference was amazing!  I loved how they did the foreign language talk things!  I was talking to a Peruvian Hermana afterward and she told me how thrilled everyone was because now they are able to listen to a General Conference talk in their own tongue, untranslated, which is something that I think we take for granted being able to speak English.  I did get to watch it in English thankfully.  My favorite talk was probably the one given in Cantonese.  The members here need to learn that they need to get involved, I just hope that they were paying attention.  Us missionaries cannot do it alone, it will never work.  We need the members help!  I also loved Elder Bednar’s talk in the last session about missionary work.  I especially loved the scripture he quoted about how the gospel needed to be taken “even unto the end of the world.”  #ArgCMRV!  That’s our mission scripture, because we really are preaching to the End of the World, at the End of the World!
So for p-day today we hiked to an overlook over the city (hopefully some of the pictures send).  It was way cool, we could see for forever!  We took some pictures, and then like the teenagers we are, threw rocks off the cliff.  Don’t worry, we checked, there was nobody that we could see:).  They fell a long ways!  We had lunch up there and kind of just chilled (quite literally, the wind was crazy and a little bit cold) and then came down to email.
For anyone that’s interested, I did check and my toilet flushes clockwise.  I checked multiple times, although I don’t remember which way it goes in the States (it’s been too long, I can’t remember anything:)).
I love you all so much!
¡Les quiero!
Elder Trenton Behunin
P1000298 (1) P1000315 P1000323
Here are some pictures of Comodoro. And Trenton with his companion Elder Flores.