That was really fast!

I cannot believe that it has already been 5 1/2 weeks!!!  It feels like no time (and a lot of time, time is really weird here) since I got here!  This week it has been super hard to focus, having my flight plans and knowing that in just one week, I would be in Argentina.  Our ten hours of class everyday really started to draw out.  Elder Perry and Hna. Story got their reassignments this week to Oakland-San Francisco Mission (the same as Elder Wallace, our Englishman).  So everybody is heading out next week to all Argentina, Columbia, San Francisco, and Detroit (another reassignment in the zone to Elder’s Church and Wiser).

It’s going to be hard without a temple in my mission, I went to what could have been my last session for two years earlier today and I don’t know what I’m going to do, because the temple has been so important to me over these past few months, I honestly don’t know how many times that I have visited it since Palmyra.  I have heard we might get to go to the temple in Buenos Aires, but there are no guarantees.  I guess I’ll just have to get down there and baptize so many people that they have to put a temple down there!:)
So we finally got to host new missionaries on Wednesday!  I was so excited, I’ve been looking forward to that for forever!  It was so fun taking them all over the place and carrying their bags for them (although I swear some of those guys are going to get HUGE baggage fees from overweight bags).  I tried to be as happy and energetic as I could, which felt super weird, but afterward I felt great, and I want to try to be like that my whole mission. There were a couple of the new missionaries that gave me some weird looks though:)  I feel bad for Elder Goodman though, he was looking forward to it to, but at gym time the day we were hosting he went up to block a shot and landed wrong and messed up his ankle.  It’s doing a lot better now, but he couldn’t host on it.  Elder Perry has been giving him piggyback rides because he moves super slow though:)
So Elder Richard G. Scott spoke at the Tuesday Night Devotional this week, which was so cool.  He talked about the importance of prayer.  We need to pray all of the time, and make our prayers meaningful.  It is literal communication with God, so we shouldn’t just breeze through it like any other item on a checklist.  Actually talk, and then afterward, actually listen for an answer.  But my favorite things that he said were during his introduction before he started talking about prayer.  When he first got up, he said “Don’t just have a good mission, have a BLAST!”  Our mission will be what we make it, so if we want it to be fun, we need that positive attitude.  We need to find joy in everything, because when you do your life is so much happier!  Not only that, but emotions are contagious.  If we are happy, so will the people around us be as well!  I also love this quote.  He said “To reach a goal you have never attained, you have to do things you have never done before.”  This is so true.  A mission is not meant to be served within your bubble of personal comfort, you’ll never get anything done if you do.  You need to reach out and try new things, walk a new road that you have never traveled before.  If you want change in your life, you physically have to do the changing.  It’s not going to happen overnight, it requires effort on our parts.
Hno. Hammond shared a really cool idea with us the other day that has given me a lot of strength.  He started off by talking about the scripture in Moses or Abraham that says that the sands of the sea don’t even begin to number the worlds that God has created.  He then asked how many of those worlds were wicked enough to crucify their own God, and ours was the only one.  The worst of the worst live here.  However, so do the best of the best. There have been an estimated 70 billion of God’s children that have lived on this earth, and then multiply that by numberless worlds with God’s children on them.  That’s a lot of children, a lot of people to choose from, but God chose us to come here to this extremely wicked world right before his coming, blessing us with this gospel.  We are less than a fraction of .0001% of God’s children who he has trusted to save this world from destruction.  He trusts us, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent us here to this place at this time.  We were given the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for a reason, and that reason is that God knew that we would do something about it.  We are the noble and great ones that Abraham saw, the extremists for God in the War in Heaven.  We were not fence sitters, we were those fighting for God with all that we had, which is why he has trusted us with the world today.  God has seen what we can do: he knows our potential from the War in Heaven, we just need to find our true identities, who we really are.  This idea has really driven me, it lights a fire in my chest that I can’t put out, I know that God trusts me, and that if I can find who I was before this life, I can be a tool in God’s hands.
I know that this church is true, and that missionary work is for real.  I encourage everyone to try to share the gospel in one way or another.  If you’re nervous, go to Alma 26:27 and substitute in who you are going to go to to share this message for the word “Lamanites” (in my scriptures, I have “lamanites” crossed out and have “Argentines” written it).  The Lord has promised us comfort if only we open our mouths and share.  I also really like D&C 24:12, where we are promised “strength not known to man.”  God is in control, he is so much more power than any of us could ever imagine of in this life.  If we want to share his gospel, he will provide a way for us to do so.  He loves all of his children, and we are especially blessed to have the Gospel in our lives.  Now we need to go out and share it!
Les quiero,
Elder Trenton Behunin

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