Time flies when your having fun!

Hey everybody!

I can’t believe it, my flight plans came yesterday!!!!!!  I’m so pumped, I’m going to Argentina!!!!!  It’s been real before now, but never like this!!  My ticket is bought, and I’m leaving on September 22 at 11:00 AM!!!!!  I love it here at the MTC, but I’m ready to be out in the field.  Especially since the older districts left!!  The new missionaries are fantastic though, don’t get me wrong!!!!  I’m literally freaking out right now I’m so excited!!!!

So, on Wednesday, we were having a meeting to prepare for the new missionaries and how we were going to introduce them to the zone when we heard a loud noise in the bathroom.  Now, we are used to hearing noises come out of Hermana’s bathroom, her toilet makes noises all the time, but this was a loud noise, like someone had turned on the shower.  I run back, and there is nothing in Hermana’s bathroom.  I then check the Elder’s bathroom.  I turn on the light, scream, and turn the light back off (I’m not sure why, but I did) and ran back, yelling that our bathroom was flooding!  We quickly phone the front desk, and a couple of elders ran to get security to see if they could help.  In the meantime, we are taking trashcans, pulling the bags out and sticking them under the sink where one of the pipes had blew out.  The water was scalding, and we had elders standing in it trying to fill up buckets, and the rest of us are taking the buckets and throwing them off of the deck!  It was crazy!  All of the while, the people we had contacted are taking their time to get here.  One of the times where I was throwing a trashcan full of water off of the deck, one of them shows up and casually walks up the stairs, asking what is going on, as if he couldn’t see the fact that I was throwing a bucket of steaming water off of our deck. When he gets into the room and sees what is happening, he says “Oh, there really is a problem up here” and gets on his walkie talkie for more help.  As if we were lying that our bathroom was flooding!  We finally got the water shut off and cleaned up, but that was quite the adventure.  Elder Fertig was the last one to use that bathroom, so we blamed it on him saying that Elder Fertig blew up the bathroom.  Looking back on it, it was way funny, but not so much during the fact!:)

I feel like a terrible person.  This morning, we were supposed to do service at 6:15, so we set our alarms for 5:50 (three of them) and went to bed.  Next thing I know, I’m waking up feeling nice and refreshed, going “that was a nice night.”  I then look at the window and noticed light coming through it.  I though “that’s weird” and checked my watch.  6:45.  I jump out of bed, and yell “oh crap!” and wake everybody up, and everyone freaks out. Somehow, all five of us managed to sleep through all of the alarms we set (or though we set, but we’re pretty sure we did).  We got some crap after that from the other districts.  But on the bright side, it was much easier to stay awake during the session, which is extremely hard as a missionary, because it is dark and those seats are so comfy.:)

So Hermano Brown gave us some really cool insight and encouragement yesterday after getting our flight plans.  It started out being directed at Elder Perry and Hermana Story because their visas didn’t come in so it looks like they might get a temporary reassignment,  which is super sad.  He told us that no matter what trial comes our way or no matter how trunky we may want to be, we need to keep pushing forward.  In his “Doctrine according to Hno. Brown”  he said that the way he sees the premortal life is that we got mission calls to go to earth, and some of our dearest friends were called to go to our missions, but not to have the gospel.  they told us that in the year 2016 (or 2015 or 2014), that they would be ready to hear the message of the restoration of the gospel.  What will we say to them in the life after this one if we slack off, if we decide that our wants are more important that their needs?  Could you look them in the eye and say “sorry, but I was thinking about home, or that I would rather be someplace else serving?”  This work is so important, and their are souls on the line that we need to save.  I can’t afford to slack off, there could be people in Comodoro Rivadavia that I used to know and love and are counting on me to bring them the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  The same goes for every missionary (and every member missionary).  Could you look someone in the face and say “I’m sorry, but I just didn’t feel like working very hard then.  You might have been prepared, but I hadn’t prepared myself to take it to you.”  That was a powerful testimony to me that I need to be doing everything I can to help these people, because who knows who will be waiting for me down there?

Les quiero (That means “I love you all” in Spanish in the friendly way, not the creepy “I want you” way:)  We learned that yesterday:))

Elder Trenton Behunin

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