Pictures From AUGUST 30, 2014

Elder Perry, Goodman and Trenton P1000134

Here is Elder Goodman, Elder Perry and Trenton pointing out their missions. Trenton is excited that Elder Goodman is going to his same mission!

P1000170 They thought it was Christmas with all the packages P1000174 P1000176

All three companions got packages on the same day! They thought it was Christmas or a huge birthday party. So they put birthday hats on and put their packages under the trees! So funny!

Elder Perry thought Gum thing was hilarious

Some of Trenton’s goodies. Elder Perry got a good laugh out of the gum. In last week’s letter Trenton wrote telling how Elder Perry got confused with the Spanish and said Jesus died for all the “Dead Fish” of the world instead of the “sins” So in the package we wrote something like “CHEWS your words carefully, so Jesus does not die for the dead fish.” I am glad they got a good laugh.

District study session in Garden of Eden E Perry, E Fertig, E Goodman, E George and H Story 

Here is his district studying in the Garden of Eden. Trenton’s district: Elder Perry, Elder Fertig, Elder Goodman, Elder George, Hermana Story and Trenton.

LOTR quote Trenton wrote Ran out of 2% was not going to use skim

Yes Trenton has to write out his favorite Lord of the Rings on the classroom board.

JUST LIKE HIS GRANDPA: I looked at this picture and thought gross. Trenton adds “They ran out of 2% milk. They only had skim milk so I had to use chocolate milk. No way am I going to dink colored chalk water.” Dad I hope you are happy- Trenton is pouring chocolate milk on his cereal instead of skim milk.

E Perry, And E goodman studying hardDistrict breakfast after service

I love how Trenton is being so sneaking taking a picture of him and his comps studying hard. District Breakfast after their service project. (I don’t know what their project was)

P1000158 (1) Snow on Mt Timp

Love the Picture of the Provo Temple! Yes that is snow on Mount Timpanogus.

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