Hey Family and Friends!!!

So, the other districts in our zone got their travel plans yesterday, and we realized that ours would be coming in two weeks, which means we have three more weeks here!  That’s crazy, I feel like we just here, and all of the sudden, it’s halfway done!  The MTC is fantastic, and still a little bit unreal at the same time.  But soon enough, I’ll be in Argentina and not be able to understand a thing because they talk so fast.  I certainly hope that’s not the case.  The language is coming on really well though, I can understand people without translating in my head, and I can speak fairly quickly until I reach a word that I don’t know, which is not happening as often as it used to.  The gift of tongues is real (so real that it took me a second to remember how to say gift of tongues “el don de lenguas” went through my head, and I had to think about what it was in English:))
It’s been a pretty fantastic week, with a couple of pretty good stories.  The first happened on Tuesday night when President Bowen (my Branch President) came to visit us.  Each member of the branch presidency visits once a weeks, and Tuesday is when the president comes to visit us.  When he knocked on the door, Elder Fertig had just gotten into the shower.  Bit of background information, since we share one bathroom with five elders, we made the rule that you don’t lock the door.  You’ll get someone showering, going to the bathroom, and a couple of people brushing their teeth in their at the same time.  So President Bowen talked to us for a little bit, and then was saying good byes to everybody so he went on knocked on the bathroom door to say bye to Elder Fertig.  Elder Fertig, who didn’t realize that the President was there, thinking that someone was just checking to make sure that he was still in the shower, yelled out “Come in!”  Everyone just started laughing, including President Bowen, who then replied “Elder Fertig, this is President Bowen, and thank you for the offer, but I respectfully decline!”
I don’t remember when this week, but it was probably Tuesday or Wednesday, Elder Goodman was talking to an elder from Argentina.  One of the Elders in our zone, Elder Church, saw him talking to him, and when Elder Goodman came back over, he shook his hand and asked what they were talking about.  Out of the blue, Elder Goodman says, “Elder that’s rude.  I was talking to that Elder from Argentina over there and he told me that in Argentina, you don’t squeeze when you shake hands, you just place your hand together like you are shaking.  It’s just a gesture.”  And Elder Church bought it, and started telling everyone.  It was fantastic.  He found out the truth the next morning that Elder Goodman was just messing with him, but it was fantastic!  He still gets mad at Elder Goodman whenever someone just shakes his hand lightly.:)
Now some cool, spiritual stories.  One of my companions, Elder Perry, has been struggling a lot with Spanish.  Especially during the lessons.  This week we were teaching Daren, one of our new investigators, about the Restoration.  We were talking about the Great Apostasy, and Daren asked why there were so many churches that came out of it.  We hesitated for a second, and then out of the blue, Elder Perry, in Spanish, starts explaining how Christ’s church was like a big piece of glass, and how when the apostles were killed, it was like the glass was dropped and shattered into a million pieces.  Then all these people started grabbing pieces and tried to make a new window out of it, but none of the churches had all of the pieces, which is why we needed the Book of Mormon because it had all of the pieces of Christ’s gospel.  It was fantastic!  The gift of tongues is real, I have seen it working, and it is spectacular!
The Tuesday Night Devotional was pretty fantastic.  Elder James B Martino of the Seventy spoke about being a better missionary.  My favorite thing that he said was that “You must believe in the things that seem IMPOSSIBLE or IMPRACTICAL!”  This is really true, the greatest things in this life are the ones that seem impossible.  Healings, blessings, missionary work, teenagers learning languages in short amounts of time, it’s all unbelievable, but it’s really happening!  And if you want it to happen to you, you have to believe that it can happen.  My other favorite thing said was actually said afterward in the district meeting.  Someone said ” You can never accept complacency, you were BORN for greatness!”  We were put here on this earth at this time for a reason.  God has trusted us with his work in one of the most dangerous and trying times in all of the history of the earth.  It’s now or never, he’s coming soon.  He’s hastening his work, and it is our job to prepare the world for his coming.  We can’t just sit back, relax, and watch the show, we need to be part of the show, the main act.  We literally were born for this reason!  We cannot loose sight of that.  The devil wants us to forget, he wants us to think that “All is well in Zion.”  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but there’s a lot more to this world than Zion, and all is definitely not well out there.  
I know that this gospel is true, con todo mi corazon.  Yo se que Jesucristo vive, y tiene amor para nos, y nuestros familias.  Yo se que Dios tiene un plan para nosotros, y necesitamos actuar y encontrar este plan.  En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.
Con cariño,
Elder Trenton Behunin

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