AUGUST 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends!

Weeks really are like days!  I can’t believe it’s already mi día de preparación! It feels like I just barely wrote you!  This week has been fantastic!
I will start with Alejandra.  If you will be leaving on a mission soon, I´m not kidding, you are not allowed to read this paragraph!  Just skip it, and your MTC (or CCM, as we say here at west campus) will be much better.  If you want to know the the lead up to the part you can´t see, ask someone to summarize.  They will know what part not to tell you.  So on Monday, we taught her about the Restoration (and I quoted the First Vision in Spanish:)) and we committed Alejandra to read the Book of Mormon by showing her Elder Holland´s “Testimony of the Book of Mormon.”  If you have any time, you definitely should watch it.  We watched it as a district several times, because it is just that powerful. Wednesday we taught her again and she had read the assigned part, 3 Nephi 11, and she had absolutely loved it.  We taught our lesson, and the Spirit was so strong that we committed her to be baptized and she said “Yes!”  We were so excited!  Unfortunately when we were planning the next lessons, we got online to see when we would be teaching her the next week and it turned out she was our teacher.  It was still a great experience, and we still gave a powerful lesson the next day, but it was kind of disappointing.  When she came in to teach us on Friday though, she explained that she really did not speak any English, and a lot of the problems that she had brought to the table during our discussions were real problems and that we had actually really helped her a lot and strengthened her testimony a ton!  It was still a great experience and I definitely wouldn’t change the experience for anything!  But we have to call her Hna. Martinez now, which will be weird.
So the teacher next door is named Hermano Vargas, and he is from Mexico, and is always coming into our class to joke around with us or tell us to stop speaking English (although he hasn’t had to recently because we have been speaking a whole lot more Spanish).  So when we committed Alejandra to read the Book of Mormon, we wanted to give her a Book of Mormon.  So we talked to our zone leaders and asked for one and they gave one to us and we wrote our testimonies in it and gave it to her.  Unfortunately, it was Hno. Vargas´, and the zone leaders, who are in his class, told us that we just took it without asking (we weren’t too happy with them for that).  So he came into the class during our personal study time and just looked at us, walked into the back room, and walked out without saying anything.  So 20 minutes later he walks back in and in his Mexican accent (which no joke, sounds like the skinny guy in Nacho Libre, although his name escapes me at this moment, when Nacho asks him “Why have you not been baptized” and he “Because I never got around to it okay!  Why are you always judging me because I only believe in Science!”  I’m not kidding, he sounds exactly like that:)) says “Alright, where is it!” We stared blankly, because we had no idea what he was talking about.  He then said “Where is it! Where is my Book of Mormon?”  Remember, he has a fantastic Mexican accent:)  We started laughing and said, we gave it to our investigator, to which he replied “Seriously, that was Book of Mormon!” To which we continued to laugh until long after he left.  If you didn’t read that in your best Nacho Libre voice, please go back and do so, it makes it infinitely more funny!  That was several days ago, and we are still quoting him and laughing!  It was fantastic!  He has since forgiven us and even invited us to go eat cake with his district because is was one of their birthdays.
Here´s another funny story, but this one needs a Spanish lesson to go along with it.  In Spanish “pecado” means “sin” and “pescado” means “dead fish.”  One letter difference.  So a couple of days ago, my companion, Elder Perry, who struggles with Spanish, was bearing his testimony.  He was trying to say “I know that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all the world” and said “Yo se qué Jesucristo se murio para todos los pescados del mundo” and we all broke out laughing.  He was so confused, so we apologized, and told him that he had said that Jesus Christ had died for all of the dead fish of the world, and then started laughing again, this time him with us.  We have a lot to laugh about in District 120C!
Here’s another one, this one last night.  Evidently, Elder George, our district leader, at about midnight, was standing on his bed, just pacing around for several minutes.  His companion, Elder Fertig, and then one of my companions, Elder Perry, who could see him from our room, were laughing their heads off.  However, after a couple of minutes, Elder George went to far, and walked straight off the end of his bed onto Elder Fertig.  All while asleep.  He finally woke up when he landed on Elder Fertig.  When he realized that he had fallen onto him, he tapped his should, whispered “lo ciento” and walked back to his bed and fell asleep.  That story has been replayed several times today, and I really feel bad for Elder Fertig, because Elder George literally just fell right on top of him.  
It´s amazing we actually get anything done sometimes, with all the laughing going on, but our class is actually super spiritual and I have learned so much here!  I love it and I love feeling the Spirit every day, all day.  No wonder some missionaries take coming home really hard and feel super lost! Yo se qué soy un hijo de Dios, y Él tiene un plan para mí.  Yo se qué Jesucristo es el Salvador del mundo, y mediante su Expiación, podemos volver a Dios y obtener la vida eterna.  Yo se qué Jesucristo se murió para los pecados (no pescados) del todos los personas en el mundo.  Este lo dijó en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.
Con cariño,
Elder Trenton Behunin



Trenton did not have time to send pictures this week. I am so sad! Next Week hopefully!

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